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Ron, did you learn all that you know in school, or is much of it the result of experience and practice?

I'll see what I can do with step wedges. I'll have to relearn that as well.
Patrick, after nearly 8 years of college courses in chemistry and hours of lab work there to finish a thesis plus over 40 years of photographic work, (32 at Kodak and 3 in the USAF + working in a photofinisher lab to pay for college) I have to say that I learned every step of the way. I cannot keep it all in memory and have a huge chemistry library here at home at my disposal. It includes a lot of books on photography as well, but I have thrown out most all journal articles.

As for tests, comparison tests would be most useful if you cannot do step wedges. A picture taken and developed with 2 develpers such as Rodinal and Metolal would be nice.