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I'm not sure if we can change how we do this, but I am wondering if there's a way we can help combat mass panic happening again..
Has anyone got any bright ideas?
Here's an idea: After taking your photo(s), put the package on eBay with a 'Buy It Now' price of, say, $5 with free shipping. The next person on the list is required to buy it within 24 hours. If the item isn't purchased within 24 hours, the next person on the list must buy it within 15 minutes of the 24 hour mark and so on until someone on the list buys it. The camera gets shipped and everyone on the list is given the tracking number. Once the cameras are received, give the 'seller' glowing feedback, rinse and repeat.

If an outsider buys it, perhaps that person can join the party and we then vote someone off the list.

If an outsider buys it and does not become part of our project..... uh-oh.

Or, we can continue as we have with prayer, hope, patience, a pagan chicken recipe or two and a dose of mass panic once in a while. Seems to be working so far.