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Sorry Ron, but I don`t see the connection between D-23, D-25 and Rodinal.
I should have added D-76 with only Metol.

I only mentioned from your OP, Rodinal and Patrick Gainers attempts at a Metol equivalent.

These are sulfite developers with alkali and Metol. They represent the gamut of what can be achieved by this combination by varying basically 3 ingredients to optimize for either 2 of the 3 properties we want from a film. Vary the pH to a higher value and you approach Rodinal or Patricks formula and etc, especially if you use it very dilute as Rodinal is. Ian caught my analogy right off in another post. No need to repeat it here.

My bottom line is that with a few basic ingredients and a small set of experiments you can play with the developer and get it to do most anything you want. When you add other, more exotic ingredients, a point I have made elsewhere, you push outside this "triangle" and can get some vastly improved properties.