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Just converting from conductivity to vAg will change the excess halide available to diffuse into the developer at the start of the process.

Modern sensitizing dyes are quite different than the early dyes and we both know that. Examples are modern cyanines and merocyanines and earlier ones include many ortho dyes instead of pan dyes. Erythrosine comes to mind here.


Re Conductivity vs VAg...
For the most part, arn't they both aimed at getting one to the same point?
I thought conductivity was used to estimate the degree of washing...
and infered a certain desired the pX from that.
I had the idea that VAg was just a more accurate measure....
and that the desired point would be the same despite which method was used to get there.

Re Dyes
For the triphenylmethane dyes, etc., yes I agree.
Somehow I thought you were thinking of something newer.