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Firstoff, one never measures pX. You cannot infer much of anything from it. You need vAg or pAg to measure the free Silver ion present as it is the critical item and varies with halide. Conductivity is not a measure of either when you get down to it.
Well, pAg and pX are related of course...
and while pAg is of interest, is it not the AgX solublity that is really the important consideration when conductivty is being measured, ie just prior to CD?

If so, then the halide concentration should be of interest... in anycase you are right, conductivity is not really a measure of either pAg or pX,
but... they both change with progressive wash efectivness and therefore their former? usefulness as a guide.


Re the extra fun Osmate dye complex...
On no, lets wait a while!
I don't want to over dose!