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Delphine, this won't help you but you might want to tell others especially those in the London area who the repairer is. It certainly doesn't sound like a place to trust.
May be, though it is worth keeping in mind that a final outcome has not yet been reached, and that whilst yes I am being disappointed by the service rendered, it is not yet a dispute.
Who knows, may be I am lucky, they give me a call mid next week as they said they would, and tell me the bellow is repaired, and they apologise for the inconvenience !

In my usual way of pre-empting the various outcomes/options, I am still debating the worse one to me, that is that that the retracting mechanism cannot be repaired, and I am refunded for a repair that never took place and end up out of my pocket with an out of function Mamiya 6 body, which as we know would cost me a lot to replace. And was I not to take the replacement option, I would then be left with 3 lenses which would have lost most of their value thereof.

Ralph - would you be so kind as to give me the contact details of the Mamiya centre in Munich, as I would like to give them a call to get a gut feel as to the repairability.

I thank you all for your advice & support, very helpful and appreciated, as always.