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Why are you so hesitant to send it to Pentax? And where are you?
I'm in NH.

Why hesitant? Not so much hesitating as that I want to see what the full range of my options is. I'm totally new to Pentax 67 and am sorting out what's what; who offers what service etc...

After seeing others say Colorado is good, I called them. Seems they have just outsourced (all - I think) factory service to CRIS Camera Services in Chandler, AZ.

The arrangement is so new to the folks in AZ that not all cameras awaiting repairs have yet been shipped to AZ. from CO So, CRIS Camera is still sorting out what services they offer to what camera and so on.

The persom I called at CRIS Camera was very nice to speak to and completely forthcoming, which does inspire confidence, but they are still sorting out what they offer with regard to repairs and adaptations on the 67. I'm hoping they do continue to offer the whole shebang. I am awaiting a more information to confirm what services they can offer at this moment.