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you need a 30x loupe to see that aperture 16 on s3pro is not as sharp as in ho 202. it was a big mistake to change lens-design. i know that truth is sometimes not welcome but it will avoid further mistakes. its the same with lens-quality in common. camera-quest-owner stephen gandy told that if the manufacturers would only produce the best lenses they would get bancrupt. if you are lucky with your ho s3pro then you have not enlarged the images enough. europanorama
Mabey this is true, mabey it isnt, but for most applications, if you have to go that far (30x) to prove your point then good for you. It will still suit 95%+ of people that want to use this camera for web or ~A3 size prints, and by your own admission you wont see any difference at that level.

Honestly if what your saying is true i dont care - I would expect a 6m wide print from 35mm to be unsharp upclose from almost any camera and would have gone for my 617 long before then anyway.

As with any tool its all about being fit for use, and s3 pro is perfectly fine for me and a lot of other users that know the limits of it. Theres no need to be rude about it because some of us realise that and dont hold things to standards well beyond what they are designed for.