Hello to everyone,

It is my first post on APUG forum.
I just bougth two Voigdlander Bergheil cameras: 6x9 with Heliar 105 f/4.5 and RADA film back and 9x12 with Heliar 150mm f/4.5 and 6 film holders. Both are in wonderful condition and Heliars a coated (dated from 1962 and 1955).
I want to use them with b&w landscape photography and need to buy a few lenses more with shutters - preferably TH Cooke, Bausch&Lomb, Dallmeyer or Dagor lenses. For each camera I look for wide ange and long lens: for Bergheil 6x9 around something like 65mm and 165mm focal lenght and for Bergeil 9x12 around 75-90mm and 210mm.

I know they should be compact to be able to fit the hole in front standard, for Bergheil 6x9 the outer rear lens diameter should not be larger than 32mm and for 9x12 one larger than 40mm. The shutters also can not be to large becouse will not base on the front plate - for 6x9 sholud be not wider than 59mm, for 9x12 wider then 73mm.

Need your suggestions which lenses should I fook and go for, I do not have much experiences with vintage lenses. Any hepl will be apreciated.

BTW, my Heliar 150mm f/4.5 seems it will not fit to my 9x12 Bergheil becouse its rear lens diameter is 43mm but front hole diameter is 44mm - there is no space for the ring you screw on the rear to tighten the special flange to the lens but (the ring) must go into the hole. I have compared it with my 6x9 Bergheil and the ring goes just right into the hole. Probably I need Heliar 135mm f/4.3. My Heliar 150 is in mint condition, if someone have 135mm Heliar version in very good condition (or the same focal lenght - Cooke, TH Cooke, Bausch&Lomb, Dallmeyer) and wants to exchange, let me know it please.