Question to all,
1, Method for B & W Films in Jobo tanks 2500 series,
2, Method for C41 Films in same tanks
3, Method for B & W prints (Resin coated)
4, Method for RA4 prints. (Kodak Endura & Fuji CA)

I use about 8 water changes with rotary agitation to both types of films, I then put a slow running hose in to the tank neck but only fairly briefly.
The whole process taking about 10 minutes.
Is the above any good?
I hand wash B & W prints and RA4 under a tempered water supply with a light cloth rub to remove the surface Blix of fixer. I then put in to a tank of about 2 gallon capacity with an agitation pump which moves the water vigourously. Prints remain in this second tank for 4 to 10 mins depending on darkroom load and activity.
I then hand wash under tempered water for another 20 to 30 seconds. I put RA4 prints in to a print stabilizer brightener for 20 to 120 secs.
Q, Is this any good?
Q, Does print brightener stabilizer work for B& W prints?
I know my method is a bit hap hazard as I carry out these washing and water changing activities while waiting for the next print to emerge from the Printo or fix bath. I have never seen fading on any of my prints or films since I started home developing 10 years ago but who am I to say this is Archival when Kodak claims 80 year stability for Endura papers and B & W prints should have a massive lifespan?

Really would like the opinions of APUGers on my process.