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Kodak HDD is not the "opposite" of Patrick's formula, it is an analog of his formula.
Opposite in terms of the amount of sulphite levels, high versus minimal. We're use the word analogous quite differently, of course we're talking about developers using the same components..

In practice those High Definition Developers will still work well with some modern emulsions, the PF sells Crawley's version and European manufacturers make their own equivalents. They've always been a very European thing, it's like Kodinol the Kodak HDD was not available in North America.

Crawley's BJP article Jan 6th 1961 is quite interesting, and he did a lot of work on High Acutance developers. Hee mentions the stability problems.

I'd guess a major reason Ilford & Kodak dropped their HDD's was low sales,the Tetenal Neofin products were better known and sold well. I have some Hyfin but it wasn't stocked by many retailers.