I have two camera bags. One of them is my digital bag, and I usually take a few things out of that before I take it anywhere. The other bag at the moment contains:

Rolleiflex 3.5E
Rolleinars 1 and 2
Yellow filter, Orange filter, Red filter and Hood [all Bay II]
2 x rolls of Neopan 400, 1 x roll of Pan-F, 1 x roll of Kodak 160NC
1 x cable release.
1 x Gossen Sixon 2

The meter isn't usually in the bag [the camera meter is normally accurate but needs adjusting at the moment].

A lot of the time I don't carry a camera bag, but just chuck a 35mm camera in whatever bag I have with me [with books, or notepads, or whatever I'm carrying that day].