bag 1: OM1N, 35mm f2,8, 50mm f1.4, 100mm f2.8, TriX and Neopan 1600, red, orange, yellow and green 49mm filters with filter stacker a cable release and lens cloth all encased in a small Domke bag
bag 2: Hassy with 3 backs, 80, 50, and 150mm lenses, yellow, orange and green filters, spotmeter, lots o' Acros plus 2 cable releases....all in a small Domke bag (next bigger than the Oly bag) the postman pad on the strap.
bag3: Tachihara wrapped in darkcloth, 3 lenses in a fly reel case(cable release on each), spotmeter, about 8 filmholders....all in an REI front loading backpack