1: Zeiss Ikonta 531/16
Sekonic 308 flashmate
1Tri-X, 2HP5+, several Rollei retro 400
Caple release

2: Nikon F3
Zeiss 25mm distagon, Micro Nikor 55mm f/3,5 or 50mm f/1,8, 85mm f/1,4 AFD
DW3 finder.
Neopan 400, APX 100, Neopan 1600
Lens cleaning tissues

3: Pentax 67
45mm f/4,0, 90mm f/2,8, Extensiontubes
Extra battery
No film

4: Voigtländer Bergheil 9X12
4 filmholders with exposed Foma 100

All my Sinar stuff is in a plastic box on a shelf
and the rest of my gear is scattered around the house :rolleyes:
Best regards