Was pointed to this the other day so I cant take credit but here it is:


Sheetfilm, though having trouble w/ sources in the past has supposedly worked through those issues. whole plate film ASA 25, 25 sheets for 34 euros is a great deal. Think of this as Ilford's special order process but much much cheaper. Along the same lines, it will probably take about 2-3 months for the orders to be filled, so do not expect the boxes to be in your hands until around Christmas time...a good present in my book!

Also, if still interested in whole plate here is a great site by RJ:


I ordered about 8 boxes and will wait patiently for their arrival.

BTW just read in here somewhere that using film in a plate holder has some unique challenges...meaning how do you keep the film still in a slot made for thicker glass. 1) cut a metal (aluminum most likely) the same size as the glass, used to fill the space. 2) Use honey/jam as a "glue" to bind the film to the metal sheet. MAKE sure non-emulsion side is stuck to metal.

On the above honey/jam glue never tried it but seems to be a common practice, ymmv.

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