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I was not presise. I mean how can I know before purchasing the lens, how wide focal lenght my Bergheil 6x9 or 9x12 or any plate camera can accept giving me possibiltity of making pictures without any limitations ?
I want to buy and adopt Angulon 65mm f/6.8 but I am not sure if I can use this focal lenght with my Bergheil 6x9...
excuse me for that maybe simple question.
Really you need to look and see what lenses Voightlander sold with the camera, in the 20's/very early 30's.

The 65 mm Angulon has small front & rear cells so will fit, it's whether it will focus, and if you can make a plate to fit it.

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Is it just the dialsets? My 9x12 Bergheil has a rimset Compur---does that mean I can swap in anything in another rimset Compur of the same nominal size? (#1, I think.)

It's the same answer as above, but the restriction is what rear cell will fit through the mount/hole.

The rimset lens is usually a Compur 1, so a 90mm Angulon will fit with an adaptor plate as it's in a Compur 0, I have tried mine on my 2nd Patent Etui, and an unbranded 9x12, and I can focus etc.

But the issue for both of you is the mount to fit the Bergheil's