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Bag 1- Billingham 550 , Mamiya C330F, L grip, 55mm ,80mm, 135mm, 180mm, prism finder, Metz 45 CL4 flash Sekonic L358 meter with 1 degree spot attachment, 5 rolls of 120 film, Kodak greycard
Bag 2- Billingham 335 , Canon F1N AE body, Canon EF body ,and FD lenses 24mm 2.8, 35mm f2, 85mm 1.8,100mm f2, 200mm f4
Bag 3- Lowepro Stelth 100, Canon T90, FD lenses 20 mm 2.8, 35-70 3.5-4.5 zoom 70-150 zoom, Gossen Digipro lightmeter, and about five films
Bag 3 is my walkabout bag for 35mm,and if I want to just carry the Mamiya with just the 80mm standard lens or the 55mm wide angle as I often do, I have the ERC for it, or a small Hama Caddy bag that will hold my Mamiya and the 55mm 80mm and 180 mm lenses, plus a meter and film.
Oh, I just found another camera bag in my home office with a Canon FTbn , and Canon A1 bodys , Canon FD 100-300 zoom, FD 35mm 2.8, FD 50mm f1.4 , Canon winder 2, Gossen Profisix meter.