Forgive me for doing a little patch work from the previous thread.

"We should be able to come that weekend, though we would have to leave early on Sunday to attend a wedding back home."
Jeff & Eva Bannow

"I will be able to make it to at least part of the weekend for sure, possibly the whole time... I think a trip to Nelson is in order!"
Shawn Dougherty

"Unfortunately, that weekend is out for me. One of my cousins is getting married in D.C. on Saturday. If Dolly thinks the leaves are changing early, I could go out the weekend before that."
Bethe (Winger)

"I put it on my calendar so tentatively yes, I'll be there."
djkloss Dorothy

"I'm going to be getting a big box in the mail. I'll be anxious to show it off..."
ic-racer Dale

Thank you all.
Bethe, we will miss you. Come again next time.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of you and the contents of Dale's box (???).
Shawn, certainly we can go to either or both ledges. Just gather interest and those who want to go.