Lorris thanks,

I am usings arches platine, I first tried it just plain without sizing as it was intended for platinum and other alt processes. Then I also tried sizing with gelatin and the salt mixed in using the immersion method. Neither one made much of a difference.
Coating with silver I have used rod and brush and both make little difference except the brush seems better than the rod. I just made another print on gelatin sized paper(arches platine again) and coated with a rod but really slathered it on(4ml for a 5x7) I had all kinds of puddles but kept pushing it around until most were gone then pushed the excess off the edge. It has come out the best so far but still uneven. I noticed that the print is much better in the area's where I concentrated on moving the rod very slowly, maybe 20 sec to cover a 5x7 and with a goodly amount of pressure.
Any suggestions? Should I use a brush? using an excess of sensitizer partially cured the problem but I think I have a technique problem.