Voigtländer and Schneider were both very early in adopting what has since become the standard shutter sizes, so even a dial-set Compur with a lens from either of those two have a very good chance of matching newer shutters. It's certainly the case for Heliars and Angulons.

A 65mm Angulon should do as a WA lens for the little Bergheil . and you can use it "converted" as a longer lens by removing teh front cell (not wonderfully sharp, but useable).

Same with a 90mm Angulon for the 9x12cm camera.

BTW, the 150/4.5 Heliar lens was an optional lens on the 9x12cm Bergheils - mine has that. The bayonet flange should fit on that...

A while ago a group of us on the German large format forum (www.grossformatfotografie.de) had extra flanges made for both 6x9 and 9x12 Bergheils.