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It was a big day for LF camera purchases today. A colleague from work had been thinking about getting into 4x5, so I offered to help find a starter camera. We found a $50 B&J on CL but it turned out to be in the wrong state. Then we found a 4x5 Korona locally. When we went to check it out the guy also had a mint Graphic View. My friend couldn't decide so he bought both the Korona and Graphic View! We got a great deal. I think he is interested in our next gathering. By then I'll help him find a lens and get him started taking pictures.

I'll tell you that Graphic View is a great camera. Very light weight for a monorail. This particular example looked like it just came from the factory. We even got the matching compendium shade (with red bellows) and the fold out viewing hood in the back.
Nice shopping. Bring him along. Remember I have a 4x5 lens or two to sell.