Hi guys,

Haven't been around in a looong time, life, work etc.

I'm having sellers/advertisers remorse. I have a Mamiya m645j with a 80mm and a 45mm Sekor C lens, which has been sitting unused for about 8 months now. I had planned on setting up a darkroom and getting an enlarger which would handle the MF negs, but realise that's a pipe dream. Considering I have had a 35mm enlarger (and rest of kit) sitting in my attic for 10 years and haven't been able to get that set up I know I'm not going to follow through with the MF kit.

So I just put the Mamiya and lenses up for sale on adverts.ie and now just a few hours later I'm beginning to regret the move. I know it's the right decision, it will provide some funds should I want to get 35mm kit, still it's sad day

My Father had been encouraging me to sell his old Minolta SR1 and XD11 with a mix of minolta/rokkor lenses, but I just can't bring myself to part with them. The SR1 is probably 40 years old and in great nic, the XD11 looks like it just came out of the box (me and my Dad tend to look after our kit), I even have the original manuals for the XD11. It may be time to dust off the MF kit and get shooting, then of course there's my 500si and 800si - too many cameras (did I really say that :o) and too little time.

Hope to catch up with the APUG folks soon.