My normal EagleCreek briefcase needs to go back for new zippers (10 years+) so I need something for the stuff I need to carry back and forth to work. Looking at the new version of this bag from EagleCreek I notice that not only is it not exactly what I want, but that it is a small fortune for what it does. I recently got an email about the Tenba Messenger bags and thought I might get one of these since I also have a $20 off coupon. It looks like it will cover my office needs, but wanted to ask if anyone has used it with a 645 sized SLR (specifically the Mamiya 645 Super/Pro with prism, motor drive, and back. Probably the 210f4, 55f2.8, and Russian 30f3.5 fisheye)?

Not sure yet if I would go for the small or large bag.