I'm planning to someday make, or let someone make, new Bergheil bayonets with different holes to fit smaller shutters.

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I would be grateful if you give me an advice what steps should I make with looking for proper lens with shutter (e.g. Goerz Dagor 165-180mm) which I am going to adopte to Bergheil 6x9? How can I be sure I will be able to adopte the chosen lens to Bergheil? It seems that there are a lot issues I should take into consideratiom before I make decision to buy any of them.
I wonder if it's possible. I have a 168mm Goerz Dagor, and it came in a Compur 1 that is too large for the 6,5x9 Bergheil. The shutter doesn't work (and can't be repaired), so I keep the lens cells in a tobacco tin waiting for a new shutter. But the threads are special, so they don't fit any shutter I've tried.

I also have a 130mm Dagor, which came in a Compur 0. I bought a cheap Voigtländer Avus 6,5x9 for it, and it was a direct fit.