Well, the beast finally arrived this afternoon in two huge boxes. I spent most of the evening putting it together in my office and to put it mildly I am more than pleased. I don't have my dark cloth yet, so its hard to see in my dark office at night but the image on the glass is incredible. Tomorrow, I will move it closer to the window and play a little bit. I knew it would be big, but compared to my 8x10 and 4x5 its enormous. I need to spend sometime with the camera before I ready to take it out. Now I am waiting for my Ilford order to arrive. I have two holders now, was planning to buy a couple more but the wife backed the car into a telephone poll and there went the extra holders for a while.

A big thanks to Richard Ritter for making the camera, Sandy King for supplying the holders & Ilford the film for feeding the beast.

Thanks all for the advice, I am sure I am going to have many more questions as time progresses.