Jim, I was weary like you when I looked into this camera about the vertical viewfinder as well. Though I almost found it intriguing or unique. This is a feature that sets the camera apart from my other cameras. It's unique and forces you to look at things differently. I shoot almost equal amounts of vertical and horizontal photos. It did take me a month or two to get used to "oh I want to shoot a landscape, well then I have to turn the camera on its side." But now it's like second nature. The way to shoot horizontals is drop your right grip hand down to the right and underneath. This is the opposite way most 35mm SLR shooters do. The reason for this is firstly, with your right hand below, your left hand does not interfere with the metering or the rangefinder for focusing. Secondly it's more comfortable and allows your right hand and arm to make a triangle with your elbow against your chest for maximum support. I may be able to take a pic of me holding the camera for horizontal scenes. If you'd like let me know. The vertical viewfinder is certainly not for everyone. Like I said I shoot about 50/50 vertical/horizontal, so for me I'd be flipping a standard viewfinder just as much. If you don't shoot many verticals or don't like them, then this may not be the camera for you. If so, I'd recommend the Mamiya 7. But then again, you never know, it may open up your eyes to new scenes and new ways of seeing! It did for me.