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Xpan negs (24x65mm) are on 35mm film, as is plainly visible from the contact sheets shown, but are larger than standard 35mm negs (24x36mm), so the quality is somewhere between 35mm and medium format.
My German is next to non-existent (it is German, right?) but the term "panoramic camera" is used several times. And, he is clearly describing the motion of a swinglens camera (such as a Noblex) during the interview. The early images (such as the nuns) are a dead giveaway of this type of machine, too.

Then, at the end, the printer is clearly shown mounting a pano 35mm neg to the glass neg stage. However, I agree that this camera looks like an Xpan, and those negs don't have that swing look to them.

Are the prints large? Yes. But we really can't see the quality of them in a web video, now can we?

They're probably fine, though - after all, he's using TMY ... (kidding)