The camera finally arrived and I had a chance to try some of the lenses I that own and have borrowed from several friends. As suspected the Fuji 600C and Schneider 355 G-Claron covered perfectly. On loan from a friend I have a Fuji 450mm C and its big brother the 450mm CMW. Both covered, but the 450mm CMW was the clear winner, it had plenty of room for movements. The 450mm C also covered, but not nearly as much and it was quite a bit dimmer being 1.5 stops slower. The CMW is a great lens, but its huge.

Also on the wide side I tried a 250mm Fuji SF lens. Several people have said that it covers when stopped way down. It illuminated the entire ground glass when wide open, but being a soft focus it looked strange. Stopped way down past f.64 it most certainly covers with some movements. However, I am not sure how well the edges look. Some people have told me the edges are fine others have said it the edges get funky. I will have to expose a sheet and give it a try later, but if it covers then I have pretty much all my immediate needs covered, though I at some point I will need to return the 450mm lenses or buy one from him.