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If I was to use Provia, is it a true 100 speed film? I've seen posts where people talk about the true speed of films, such as Delta 3200 being closer to 1250. Is the only way to determine the true speed experimentation or is there a chart somewhere?
It will depend on your equipment and metering technique. However Provia is a true 100 speed film for me, as are all 100 speed slide films I have tried.

I would choose my film based on how I was going to get prints. Using slide film you will almost certainly be getting digital prints, or just scanned images. You could also spring for Ilfochrome, but it's hard to find and now inexpensive.

If you go for a negative film you will have a lot more printing choices, and they will be less costly. Also, keep in mind that slide film has a limited latitude. Negative film will be more forgiving. If you must shoot during the day when the contrast is high, I would skip the slide film. I am finding I am shooting less and less slide, and more negatives. The fact that my results have improved is the driving force for this.