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If I was to use Provia, is it a true 100 speed film? I've seen posts where people talk about the true speed of films, such as Delta 3200 being closer to 1250. Is the only way to determine the true speed experimentation or is there a chart somewhere?
Most will find E-6 films true to box speed, as they are not willing victims to so many exposure and processing variables as a b&W stock. Some people like to slightly under expose chrome, but it is a fine line, having little margin for error. For fall colors I find the old Velvia 50 hard to beat. You can always lower the saturation in the print to where you like it. Adding saturation to a print that isn't coming from Velvia doesn't seem to work as well for me as the reverse.

Judging the palate of chrome films is very subjective however, and shooting a variety for yourself to see what you like is my very best recommendation.