I thought it might be a neat idea to post where I've found a few photo-related items lately. Maybe if enough folks post their finds to this thread we should get it sticky-ized and other regional focus groups could follow suit.

In Denton, I've found:

HMS Art Supply: great place to get matting and mounting done. I've heard another place in town does real hatchet jobs. HMS staff is quite cool. Also picked up my 10/0 retouching brush, mat board, mount tissue and release paper there. They've got a standing policy if you have a friend who wants to show you dry mounting, you can use their facilities. I think the UNT art department does some workshops there occasionally. Across the street from the University of North Texas art building.

Nitrile Gloves: found a pack of ten or so for $2.00 (approx) at Lowes in the section with the strippers. (uh.. the solutions, not the scantily-clad ladies). On Hwy 288.

Citric Acid: After looking all over town for a local source, found it in the bulk spice section of The Cupboard organic grocery. 45 cents/oz. 200 W Congress.

Film Depot: most Ilford and Kodak films, 35mm/120/220 & 4x5 in stock. Fair selection of Ilford FB and RC paper. Some Polaroid, assorted darkroom stuff, good conversation with Jerry. Most clientele is local student and teacher population. Jerry's been willing to research and order just about anything I've been willing to wait a couple of days to get. (Also a drop for BWC Lab, but I tend not to like them so much lately.) In same strip as Albertson's on W. University.

An aside...
If memory serves, someone (Aggie?) was working on a database of information like this. I don't know that there would ever be an adequate market for such a thing, but I'd love a photo equiv of the AAA State guidebooks, so that when I'm traveling, I'd know where the good places to get supplies are, as well as the highly-rated places to go shooting.