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A question for the experienced hands out there. I want to get started in panoramic format and currently have an Omega View. What are the drawbacks (if any) to just cropping the 4X5 sheet rather than getting a 6X12 roll film back. I want to photograph a variety of subjects, arch,lands,travel. I realize I will probably be purchasing additional equip. in the future (linhoff,fuji617,too dear for my budget). Any ideas,comments?
I crop 5x4 all the time. I tend to see scenes in three different aspect ratios. Normal 5x4, 1:1.618 (the "golden ratio", about 5x3), and 1:2.5 (classic pano, about 5x2). Because of this, it's much easier and cost effective to just use the one film size and crop as needed.

Not to mention the money you save by not buying a roll film back, and the weight you save by not having to carry a roll film back around with you (especially if you backpack).