Alright, explain this to me: My technique for developing 120 film is to first roll up the film (away from the backing paper) and then of course peeling off the tape from the film, before spooling it for development.

Today, I took a closer look when peeling the tape (my darkroom is really, really dark - nothing can be seen whatsoever even after 30mins) and, when peeling the tape, it became luminous! As the tape was being pulled off the film, the specific part being separated from the film at that moment emitted a clearly visible glow (similar to static electricity, although not clearly defined spark[s] - just a glow of sorts, I could have sworn it was blue).

Any possible explanation, or has anybody else ever seen this?? Next time, I will try to pay attention as to whether this fogs the film (of course, it would not be a concern, as this is on the un-used edge of the film).

I am flummoxed. I'd love to show you, but I think I'd need a DSLR that goes to ISO 25600 and an f/1.0 lens to capture this. But it's there...