Thanks to all for their suggestions I know it is difficult as hell to remotely diagnose a problem.
After much thinking and re-examination of my failures I started over:mixed new salt solution with distilled water: used unsized arches platine. Made 2 prints on brush sensitized and the other coated with a rod. The brush sensitized paper I used 2ml and brushed VERY LITELY unit a smooth coating was achieved. With the rod I began with 1ml and made about four passes with the rod, waited about 2 min and did the same with another 1ml.
The results were very gratifying: the brush coated image was very smooth and all around excellent now all I need is the proper negative. The rod coated image was too intense with a very strong red/brown I assume I used too much sensitizer(2ml) but the image itself was smooth and well coated.
The bottom line I think I may have not used distilled water for the salt solution.