Hello friends,
I just bought myself a nice, near mint Kalimar A for a few bucks.
Camera looks great and solid.
There's one drawback though: I can't use the shutter.
I guess that the filmtransport-knob will take care of cocking the shutter. If I press the release-knob,though, nothing happens: I can transport the film again and press the release but still nothing happens. I even have the feeling that I can't press the release-knob far enough. I tried to open the camera to find out but I only managed to remove the top cover.
I looked everywhere to find further screws to open the front or remove the lens but I can't find it.
Another thing which puzzles me is the lever at the shutterspeed-setting-ring at the lens. I have found lots of pictures of the Kalimar A but I didn't find this lever on any of these pictures. Look f.i. here:
and take a look at the picture below.
I guess the lever will have something to do with the shutter; just don't know what. This lever is stuck by the way, although there isn't much space for this lever to move to:nor to the right, nor to the left (the opening is about 3mm wide)
Is there anyone around who does own a Kalimar A and who does know a bit about the internal camera?

Merry Christmas