The events are organized by the folks of the APUG social group, U.S. Pacific Northwest Regional WA-OR-ID and the State of Jefferson. But as far as who can attend, it is open to anyone/everyone who wants to show up. Film or digital, or any type of hybrid is welcome. The whole idea is photography. I'll be spreading the word to our local schools and camera clubs.. Jim -- if they let you through the redwood curtain, you are welcome to join us!

The last gathering was directed heavily towards alternative photographic processes. We can continue in this vein, or take on new and/or different topics. For example, perhaps one of our photo professors here at HSU could show her work and talk to the group about transitioning from large RA4 prints to large digital (inkjet) prints -- how it has influenced how/what she photographs. More ideas gladly accepted!

If there is interest, I could do another carbon demo, or perhaps Jim and I can do it together..

Since it is a long ways for most people, and the redwoods are right here, perhaps a stronger (longer) photographing element would be in order? Perhaps after meeting in the morning on Sunday, a journey northwards to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to photograph? Coastal stops on the way up would also be possible. Large format camera demos in the redwoods, etc. We could keep within the 50 feet of the vehicles where Brett found things to photograph, or we can wander a little farther than that and I can share some of my favorite trees. Then when it is time to head towards home, people heading north would start out 40 to 50 miles closer to home. We also have our share of old barns, Victorian houses, rugged coastlines, fishing boats, mosquito-infested sand dunes (much better in the winter!), farmer's markets, and many other photographic subjects.

I think that the month of these meetings is pretty much set in September, for purposes of working with the Newport Photography Workshop schedule. But just to let you all know -- Mid-October is much nicer -- the Big-leaf maples are turning yellow. But I have to admit, coming home from Vancouver, I hit the redwoods right after a good long rain. beautiful...too bad I did not have my 8x10 with me...actually a good thing as I would have been late getting home!

Anyway, I have to clear the use of the darkroom and classroom with the Powers That Be and all that.

Again, congrats and thanks to Robert for a great week-end!