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The lever is more likely a self timer, or less likely a shutter cocking lever. If it's a self timer and it's cocked it wont move until the shutter is tripped. If its a shutter cocking lever and it's cocked it will not move until the shutter is tripped. That will likely mean part of the shutter trip mechanism has failed and needs a trip to a repair shop.
Thanks Gary,
I go -as you do- for the self-timer, Gary. Cocking is highly unlikely since I'm pretty convinced that cocking is done by transporting the film. (The Kalimar looks a bit -internally- like a camera I had before: the Fodor 35. Cocking here was indeed done by transporting which freed the way for the shutter to go 'all the way'.
Personally I fear that there's something inside which prevents the shutter-release button from releasing the shutter. That's why I would like to peek into the mechanism to see what blocks the shutter-release button.
I would like to do it myself: the repair shop will ask me to pay a price which will largely exceed the price of the camera.

Merry Christmas Gary, and, thanks