Yes, Yes, Yes!

A friend and I have been arguing this point over and over. He states that most people already HAVE a computer and printer and stuff, and I said that most people that don't know the first thing about editing or printing have an e-machine from the Wal-mart and a portable Canon printer. He just couldn't get it through his head that if someone went into business, they would think they NEED a new computer (which they probably do), and a new printer (which they do).

I DO NOT want to sit in front of a computer for 60 hours touching up this and making that pretty. The only thing I do with my computer is increase the contrast on some prints/neg scans if they are not where I want them to be. I can find someone to do all that for me, and bill the customer for it. Then, I have much more time to go SHOOT! That's what I really want to do.
I have no problem sending stuff to Richards Photo Lab, and the downloading the digital scans. The youngers can facebook the crap out of it, and I'll still have pretty negs I can print.