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Kalimar A instructions here: http://www.famil-online-home.com/kalimar_a35.htm - scroll down the page - but minus that lever!

My limited experience is that a stuck self-timer will likely cause the shutter to not work until it is un-stuck...

Cheers, Bob.

Hi Bob,
Thanks, Bob.
Just almost all pictures on the web I have seen of the Kalimar A show a camera without this lever indeed. Very strange.
I agree with what you say about the stuck-selftimer. That's why I can't wait to get inside or at least would find a way to open the lens: where the hack are the screws! I removed the leatherette (or should I say plasticarette) to find out that there were no screws. Even with the top-cover detached you won't find any entry-screw to the inner-world of the Kalimar.
Well we keep on trying, Bob!

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