Thanks for your words of wisdom. I am still planning my gear setup. I have decided I don't like rangefinders. There is just something about them that is weird. That thought is weird, because I like my Yashika-Mat... and it has a leaf shutter. But even it has a more positive feel than the rangefinder when I mash the button. So, I am thinking that I will shoot with just that, or, if I decide to get the Bronica, that. And, I think I will shoot the 135 stuff with my trusty K-1000, why not. After all, I don't need all that fancy stuff, I like simple. It has a PC socket, and hot shoe. The standard 50mm lens is fine for reception work, and I'm use to it. I am going to crash some weddings, because I can, to see what the competition is using. I'm sure they shoot digital, but it will be neat to see if they think about the lighting or if they just bought a Nikon sunpak (whatever) just because it was expensive.

I am also having a hard time deciding weather to use a single light weight strobe on a stand, or not. I posted about strobes in the lighting section if any of you want to chime in.