Look on the barrel of the lens for a set screw. This should be the one that limits the turn of the focus. Removing it should allow you to unscrew the lens all the way out. Take careful note of the position of the lens as it comes free of the threads, it will have to be positioned exactly the same as it goes back in. It probably has multi groove helicals and you can get it back in the wrong groove and make the pointer set the wrong way. Under this is the speed dial. It will have several cams and springs attached under and will pop out when the plate is lifted. If you are brave and detail oriented you can note where everything is and pull the plate to access the self timer assembly or you might be able to get to it through a slot in the dial. A drop of WD 40 on a sable spotting brush applied just to the gears and escapements will most likely make it work. Don't allow any oil on the aperture or shutter blades at any cost.

Other than that you have an adventure on your hands and you are on your own with it. Note this is just general in nature and I can't say for sure what you will find inside, though most shutters are very similar in design.