Well, I'm off to Algonquin Park in 2 week ends for 4 days of shooting with a few other apug and general photogrpahy pals.

For 35mm I have packed 5 rolls of Provia, 4 rolls of Ektachome GX, and 2 rolls of Ektachrome VS for E-6 and a grab bag of 2 Agfa Optima II , and 2 - Fiji NPZ for circumtances where E-6 might not work out well, like if I get a too contrasty or too dull day. I am hoping to expose mostly chromes.

For 120 I am taking 3 rolls of Provia and 4 rolls of EPP, and maybe a few rolls of 100SW, if I can find them amonst all of the food that is presently packed, having harveseted most of my vegetable garden by now. For c-41 I have packed 10 rols of Fuji NPC, 5 rolls of Kodak Portra, and 1 roll of Fuji NPL which I may use if we get a desire to get natural neutral colours in a strong orange sunset situation.

I have not decided if I want to take any e-6 film for 4x5 work; I can't scan them at present, and I am still tweaking my e-6 processing, so I think that I will keep e-6 contstrainted to other than sheet film types.

Hopefully, the weather is good, and the leaf conditions peak, and I have a great shooting extra long weekend. Nothing suck worse than coming back from a planned photo outing with lots of unexposed film still in the camera bags.