1. Take 500 ml water. Add 1 gram p-aminophenol base. Load the developing tank and be ready to pour before adding 5.2 ml of a 10% KOH solution. The solution will turn very dark very soon after the KOH is added and stirred in. Developing time for HP5+ at 70 F is 18 minutes.

2. Repeat the above but add 15 to 20 ml of the 45% K3SO3 solution before adding the KOH. Developing time for HP5+ is now 9 minutes. This is not due to difference in pH but to the anyioxidant effect of the sulfite.

The attachments show that overall grain and acutance are not observably different with or without sulfite. The scans are from real photographic prints. I copied out the detail pictures before reducing the file size of the overall pictures so one should be able to see the detail in "The Silver Chalice." Also, there is an aluminum-framed window screen standing behind the armchair that makes a good measure of resolution. The virtue of adding a lot of sulfite to the stock solution will be mostly in preservation. Even the 384 grams/liter proposed by Ian produces only about 7.5 grams/liter in the working solution at 1+50 dilution.

I have not yet tried adding bromide or EDTA.