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I'm 25 minutes north of the Connecticut line in Western Mass. and as of Friday September 18th I don't have anything to report yet.

Apug Leefpeepers of New England unite!!


RT, jump on 91 North and bang a left at 89 (or a right in about 2 weeks). I'm in the Hanover/Lebanon, NH area, and our maples are already flaming in spots, the birches are doing their gold-tinged thing, and if they can survive the occasional winds, I'm thinking in a week to ten days we'll be there. Most wonderful fall I can remember in a long time -- sunny days in the 60's, and scraping the bottom of the 40's overnight. I guess we were paying dues during this stupidly rainy summer, because it's really paying off beautifully now. I think this will be one for the books (or the portfolios ).