I've got a 300mm f/9 Nikkor M. It is a very nice lens---sharp, contrasty, and multi-coated. Every so often Midwest Photo Exchange will have a minty used on for $450 or so, which is where I got mine. It is used on a specialized 8x10 aerial camera(no movements&#33 thats designed around this lens. I cannot compare it to the Fuji, but I think the Nikkor M would be a great choice for a long multicoated lens on a 4x5. If I were buying a new lens for a 8x10 field camera and wanted something lightwieght however, I'd probably go with the 305 G-Claron even though its single coated. If the Fuji you're considering has the multicoated glass of the Nikkor and the image circle of the G-Claron in the lightwieght Copal #1 both those lenses share, and at a comparable price, it would be a very tempting lens indeed. Good luck!