I have been in many "hotspots" over the years and it's always a grin to see the CPN (Constant Propaganda Network) show up and have this instant demonstation at their end of the street. The rest of the street that was out of camera range was nice and peaceful, people just standing around and watching. Once they left and did their editing you would have thought there was a major insurrection going on.

IMHO there is a lot of violence created just by virtue of the fact that news media is present.

Now getting back on topic, is it really all that different when a news outlet heavily edits video to support their particular editorial slant? If you think the news you see on TV is unbiased your living in a bubble. What they are doing is not that much different than what that photographer did combining two photos to make more of an impact.

It's all about money and greed. Period. And it kills me when they use the tag line "the news you can trust" or some such tripe.