6. Stripped and rubbed down frame offered up for size.

7. The ex-GG frame was a touch too small on the inside dimensions, so was filed and ground out. As there was plenty of spare material in the frame, the finished size was nicely matched to the opening required for a 4x5.

8. The frame was then Araldited to the spring back and left to cure.

9. Finished article. An Ihagee with a 4x5 film holder stuck on it, and easily removeable.

Full size pic here http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2561/...207b4882_o.jpg

10. With a Polaroid 405 film pack holder, which is what the mod of the springs was all about.


Not totally finished yet. I've light-sealed the ends of the frame and might have to find some velvet for light trapping.

A new lease of life for an old camera and the great thing is, I can still use it for 9x12 or the Rada rollfilm back - and it also fits my two Weltas.