Ben, I have had my 202 for 15 years now, it gets intermittent use.

I have had banding, but usually after certain conditions have been met.

Firstly, the camera hasn't been used for a while and cool weather.

Secondly, it is cool to cold weather, the camera is being used on the slow swing speed.

Over the years I have used mine in extremes of heat and cold. I know that if it is cold enough for snow, then the camera will sometimes not run well on the slow swing speed, I get banding!

If I take the camera out after a couple of months of no usage, then I may get banding on the slow swing speed, unless I cock and release the shutter a number of times on both speeds before loading a film, then going out and shooting.

Mine is a reasonable unit, bought in 1994 on a whim. Once I learnt it's foibles, I have been very happy with it.