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In desire for a change of pace, I've been thinking of contact printing colored leaves or various objects on color paper and either contact reversing them (too bad about the backprints) or scanning. Have people done this frequently before with color paper? I've done it with black and white... Does this seem like something interesting to do?

and any idea on filtration? I assume I'd balance the paper density to neutral grey and then the exposure to black or maybe a stop or two beyond.
yes, try a "neutral" color pack (say the one listed in/ or on the box<at least on Supra endura, 65Y/55M>) post some results, I'll bet they'll be interesting .

btw, i've been thinking of trying this for a while, and making some diptych-style prints with it, one off, etc...

of course everything will reverse in color (green leaf--> magenta leaf in print...

in regards to the backprinting, try getting your hands on a roll of the fujiflex display material. I believe it doesn't have any backprinting whatsoever, due to the fact that it is intended for back-lit displays.

best of luck, and please post some examples when you have some ready to show