Once I used a 4x5 (150mm lens) and a Calumet 120 roll back (6x7) to take a panoramic of the East Side Sierras from within the Alabama Hills. I used color negative film and did it in 7 frames, centering Mt Whitney and all. I was planning on contact printing it with the film uncut. But I set my camera up a little differently for some reason and I built up the panoramic images ass-backwards. I had to cut the roll up in its individual frames and then tape the whole thing onto glass so it would read correctly. Worked like a charm -- except the frame numbers do not run exactly the proper way.

I printed onto some RA4 paper a friend gave me -- a damaged roll of 5" wide x 200' (or thereabouts) long paper from the place he worked. I had to unwind 30 feet or so to get to unfogged paper. I processed using a converted Cibachrome processor and could process any length I could expose. I just had to be in the room as the print first appeared from the back of the processor (a Dev/Bleach-Fix unit, no wash/dry), as it had a tendency to want to curl right back into the processor.